Sheilagh Rose D.Ch.

Registered Chiropodist 

Sheilagh is the owner of Think Feet- Family Foot Clinic. The aim of this clinic is to make a difference in this community by improving foot care and foot health for our clients.  

Initially, Sheilagh worked in the nursing profession before making the career change to chiropody in 1992. Following graduation from the Chiropody Program at The Michener Institute in Toronto. She worked for 21 years as the full-time Chiropodist at Orillia Soldiers' Memorial Hospital (OSMH). During this opportunity, Sheilagh utilized the complete scope of her training.  Now she has been a chiropodist here for 29 years in Orillia.

With a passion for helping others, Sheilagh successfully started her own clinic, Think Feet- Family Foot Clinic, in 2012. At this time the office has 4 amazing chiropodists that work as a team to help this community.  

Sheilagh is changing her focus as part of this clinic now to provide home care and care for clients in nursing homes and retirement homes in the area. At this time this clinic also has the contract for chiropody at Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care.  

The pandemic has highlighted the need for chiropodists to be recognized as essential workers and home visits for care are becoming a much-needed service in this area. 

Sheilagh has lived in Orillia with her husband, Mike, and family. We are lucky to have five children and nine grandchildren (all under twelve years of age!). The pandemic has put a damper on family gatherings at present but we will get through this and be able to enjoy time together again.

At present Sheilagh is not taking new clients on for office visits and is focusing on home care in the Orillia area.