Welcome to Think Feet- Family Foot Clinic. 

This office moved to 210 Memorial Ave., Unit 106 Orillia Ontario in 2019. We just keep growing. We now have 3 dynamic Chiropodists/ Foot Specialists who are here to assist you with your foot health needs. During the pandemic initially, we were required to close but by June 2020 we were open as essential care providers and have continued to provide high-quality care for this community. 

Sheilagh Rose and Ed Moloy have both been working as Chiropodists for 29 years supporting the Orillia and surrounding area. In 2019 Brendan Dunn joined our team. This growth was due to you requesting our services so we must be doing something right. 

Check out our chiropodists/ Foot Specialists each have a bio for you to read. Feel free to contact us with your questions. 

We are here for you. Our receptionist and office assistants are available on the phone or by email to answer your questions or will direct them to the appropriate chiropodist. 

The pandemic has brought to the forefront how important foot health and care of your feet is. We are now seeing more clients with acute issues due to ingrown toenails requiring surgery and foot pain related to increased activity and footwear issues. Biomechanical Assessments and education on the care of your feet are all part of what we do.  As chiropodists, we assess and prescribe orthotics. Depending on your need we have 4 labs we are using to manufacture Custom Made orthotics for you. Keeping you mobile and active during these changing times is our goal.

What makes us different from other clinics is we specialize in one area: your foot health. This is not a spa. We are medical professionals who will work for you to improve your foot health.

 It is our goal to be the best clinic in this area and we want to help you.

This Clinic not only provides office care for you but also home visits and care in long-term care and retirement homes. Ask our amazing staff for more information on how we can assist you. 

Contact us by email HERE or by phone at : (705) 329-0908

At this time we are not accepting walk-in appointments. Our doors are locked and we only see scheduled appointments in the office. This is for your safety and ours during the ongoing pandemic. 


Our Mission statement says it all on what we want for you, our client.



Listen and respond to your foot care needs.

Develop treatment plans to reach attainable care goals.

Provide experience quality care within a Chiropodist’s scope of practice.

Maintain your foot health so that you can enjoy life.


 Michener Institute of Education at UHN Chiropody program  is Currently the only Chiropody program in Ontario. We are all proud to be graduates of this program.  

Chiropodists are regulated health care professionals with comprehensive knowledge of foot conditions and treatments. Yearly registration with the College of Chiropodists of Ontario (COCOO) is required. All our Chiropodists must maintain high standards of care as members of this college. At Think Feet, this is of the utmost importance.

With a welcoming, friendly atmosphere from the moment you enter the clinic until your departure, Think Feet aims to provide exceptional service to improve your foot health.

Biomechanical assessments and orthotic management are available to ensure a seamless experience. 

Think Feet also offers a mobile service. This is available within the Orillia catchment area.  Mobile service is available to those at both private residences and institutions. These appointments are scheduled upon request.

At Think Feet, we look forward to assisting you with your foot care needs. 


Our Community Involvement